Sunday, March 3, 2013

Is Barcelona no more Barcelona

Barcelona seems no mre to be the team dominating the european Football. With continous second loss against Real Madrid, they no more seem have the form they had when the league started this season. After they lost 1-3 against Real Madrid in front of own Fans at Camp Nou on Tuesday(26th February), they missed a title this year. The Champions League first leg against AC Milan has also demonstrated that they are no more the modern Barcelona. They are almost out of the competition. Only Magic of Camp Nou can help them to win on home ground against defensively compact team like AC Milan. And the loss against the Real Madrid on 02.03.12 shows that even the Champions title is in danger now.
The main Problem of FC Barcelona seems to be defence these days. Even though they have all four stars in last defence Line infront of Goalkeeper they are considering some many Goals this Season. It seems difficult to conclude this single Player has made so many mistakes but the whole defence can be blamed. Not only the case with the top class teams but in about every games no matter how strong the another team is they are receiving the Goal. Are Pique, Puyol, Alves ,Alba(somehow new than others) no more the world class defenders, there starts the flow the queries. The attacking Players are doing well. Messi has been scoring in about every games and breaking records but they make the Game theirselves difficult against the compact playing Team. In modern Football every team tries to play compact. With the same Style may create the crisis for Barcelona.
Another Big Problem is the illness of the Coach. He started his team this Season in a very good way with beautiful football and football results. His Absence is to be clearly noticed in every single Game. But only if his presence is making this difference, it's not that easy to answer this question. As Tito took the Barca's Kommando he started with the best Pressing game. He created the best attacks and we enjoyed many goals but he's not recruited the Defense. Defense seems to be same till now. They are receiving goal after goals but they are making their life difficult without the Scores. Question is their till now. Has Barca's defence degraded or has Barca's Pressing difficulty in modern european football.